National Background Truly Affects Leadership Style

What is the role of national and cultural differences at a multinational company? Hogan Assessment Systems examined the personality and values of over 11,000 European Managers and Executives and found that national origin can impact a leader’s values and the company culture they create.


Some fun facts from the study:


The French managers score highest on Aesthetics, which means they put the most emphasis on innovation, creativity and appearance. They also score highest on Power, placing a higher value on career advancement and leadership positions than other leaders.


British managers scored highest on the Altruism scale, which means they value helping others and prefer customer-focused environments.


In the meantime, Swedish represent the lowest values on the Commerce, Hedonism, Power and Recognition scales, which suggests that they are more likely to work effectively in flat-hierarchy teams, through collaboration over competition.

Leaders from all of these countries scored relatively low on Tradition and Security, which can be explained by the general Western-European managerial attitudes preferring flexibility, adventure, risk-taking and experimentation, which are essential for career advancement.

If you are interested in the results in more detail, you can find out more from the article of Business Leader Magazine.


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