Dark Side: New Focus on the Personality

Contrary to popular belief, dark side traits are not personality disorders – rather just an overuse of strengths, which can cause damage later on. Hogan’s matrix shows not only how dark side personality traits can be recognised, but also how can one benefit from their dark side through finding a suitable occupation.

Dark side scale Why is it dark? Bright side of dark side Avoid jobs Beneficial for
Excitable volatile, unpredictable enthusiastic, passionate therapist, watchmaker coach, actor, firefighter
Skeptical negative, paranoid, cynical thoroughness, healthy skepticism kindergartner science journalist, lawyer, teacher
Cautious lack of innovation, reluctance, unassertiveness deliberate, careful entrepreneur accountant, analyst
Reserved indifferent, cold, tough business-oriented, intense sales representative, psychologist animal care worker, archivist, geoscientist
Leisurely passive-aggressive, stubborn friendly, relaxed, autonomous top manager freelancer, dentist, cook
Bold overly confident, unable to learn from mistakes, aggressive assertive, confident, independent secretary, health professional entrepreneur, firefighter, artist
Mischievous manipulative, untrustworthy bright, charming, impulsive consultant, law enforcement finance and insurance professionals
Colorful irritating, distractible, narcissistic fun, entertaining, gregarious therapist, programmer actor, project manager
Imaginative unpredictable, impractical innovative, creative analyst, accountant designer, copywriter, photographer
Diligent inflexible, control freak, micromanager hardworking, detail-oriented, organised social worker, actor, nanny pharmacist, pilot, director
Dutiful indecisive, conventional compliant, conforming inventor, project manager elementary teacher, banker, nurse


The effect of leadership derailment on one’s career and the whole organisation:

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