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How Personality Assessment and Big Data have Evolved to a Number 1 HR Tool?

Did you know that a scientifically valid personality test beats an interview three times when it comes to job fit? Even so, 90% of corporations still rely on unstructured interviews and CV-s at personnel selection. HR assessment has seen enormous developments since the appearance of the first assessment tests 30 years ago, but this fact… Read more »

National Background Truly Affects Leadership Style

What is the role of national and cultural differences at a multinational company? Hogan Assessment Systems examined the personality and values of over 11,000 European Managers and Executives and found that national origin can impact a leader’s values and the company culture they create.   Some fun facts from the study:   The French managers… Read more »

The future of HR assessment in 2018

Do you want to foresee the most significant improvements in the field of HR assessment for 2018? Then follow these 5 trends with attention: Gamification Social media analytics Performance management Employee engagement Big Data and talent analytics     If you want to know why and how are these five trends going to shape the… Read more »

Dark Side: New Focus on the Personality

Contrary to popular belief, dark side traits are not personality disorders – rather just an overuse of strengths, which can cause damage later on. Hogan’s matrix shows not only how dark side personality traits can be recognised, but also how can one benefit from their dark side through finding a suitable occupation. Dark side scale… Read more »

Humility: the antidote for bad leadership

Popular wisdom will have you believe that a leader is someone who exudes confidence and charisma because they appear smart, interesting and engaging. However, more often than not, these types of leaders wreak havoc on the workplace. A growing body of research suggests that humility is a far more important quality in a leader than… Read more »

Absenteeism: The Silent Killer for Organisations

The most destructive type of leader is the one who doesn’t cheat, bully or insult his colleagues – he simply doesn’t do anything. A growing body of research shows that absentee leadership, also called laissez-faire leadership, is not only harming teams, but can cause measurable loss in productivity and turnover for the company. Still, because… Read more »